Welcome to David Moynahan's Photo Blog. Here you can step behind the scene with me as I explore (mostly) Florida's remaining wild places with my camera. To just see the pretty pictures, you miss knowing what adventures (and misadventures) were part of their making. So enter here, and join in the journey!

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Sweet Satilla

May 01, 2017
Broad white sandbars greeted us at most bends in the river. Those bars are like beacons for river campers, so when Steve saw them on Google Earth when scouting a new rive...
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Palmy Dreams on the Econlockhatchee

April 01, 2017
Econ Glory The Econ, as locals know it, is a long & winding creek that feeds the mighty St. Johns River in Northeast Florida. Finding the nondescript mouth and picking a...
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Naked Under the Stars

March 01, 2017
Blue Spring is a name given to many a Florida spring, but to me, Gilchrist Blue is the jewel of them all. And within the (Blue Springs) Park, there is another, much small...
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Blue Cypress Lake Christmas

February 01, 2017
This was a rare year that we celebrated our family Christmas with kids and relatives early. That freed Crystal, Scruff, and I to have a Valentine-kind-of-Christmas - out...
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Eye of the Aquifer

January 01, 2017
OUR JAWS DROPPED as we came around a stony outcropping at the end of the obscure trail. A sunbeam poured through the oculus into water almost too blue to believe. Actuall...
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