66.Kimball Love(non-registered)
In the case of "Eye of the Aquifer", a picture is worth a million words. Fantasmagorical!
64.Samiri Hernandez(non-registered)
David, What an experience to look at your pictures, one by one...Life is beautiful, indeed. Thank you for sharing, for your gift. It is absolutely food for the soul.
63.Kevin Priest(non-registered)

Your work is absolutely amazing and we appreciate the pieces that you have donated to Capital City Youth Services and the emergency shelter bedrooms for our youth. Your work and support is greatly appreciated.
61.Mike Mullins(non-registered)
Dave, your work is the most beautiful, magical view of Florida I have ever seen. I love your use of lighting and framing to set off your subjects. This is the type of images that all of us who take pictures of Florida aspire to. Having finished a lecture and hike for retirees to Florida on Karst topography, this past week, I love the pictures and video on the window into the aquifer. When I was a young man, I used to explore springs and and sinks all over Florida. Now many of these are suffering from over enrichment causing them to be covered with weeds and green algae.
60.Mike kyne(non-registered)
Wow beautiful pictures and yes thank you for being there David. Love your work.
59.Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph(non-registered)
This project is stunning in its impact. And beautiful beyond words, David. WOW.
Thank you for being there.
58.Lynn Jones(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your stunning pictures. It is so true "A picture is worth a thousand words".
Keep doing what you do best and I will wait to see more.
55.Eric Engbretson(non-registered)
I love your freshwater fish pictures. Some of the best I've seen. Wonderful work!
52.John Parks(non-registered)
Love your photography. Takes me back to my youth in North Florida ( Marianna ) where I caved, dived, fished and just explored. Some of the springs on the mill pond were new to me!
49.Angela Wimberly(non-registered)
I saw one of your pieces in the airport and stopped dead in my tracks and had to take a card. Your work is beautiful!
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