Ginnie and Her Santa Fe River Springs

November 01, 2015  •  22 Comments

Dogwood SpringDogwood Spring

Dogwood Spring.

I first visited Ginnie Springs while floating in a tube down a section of the Santa Fe River one hot summer day in North Central Florida.  That was many years ago, but the crystal waters and bounty of springs stuck fast in my memory.  In recent years during visits with my Gainesville pal, John Moran, I've made a few photo trips to Ginnie Springs Outdoors - a popular diving, camping, snorkeling, picnicking, and tubing destination for thousands of visitors each year.  

Ginnie is a richly endowed place of Florida-springs-beauty. Come take a virtual visit with me.  

At the end, you'll find another nightscape that John and I shot recently.  I have just finished the extensive post-processing of it. Called Star Struck, it's of Ginnie's Dogwood Spring, same as in the photo above.

Gin ClearGin Clear

Ginnie Ring Ripple

Buttonbush in AquaButtonbush in Aqua

Buttonbush in Aqua

Knees of Ginnie SpringKnees of Ginnie Spring

Spring Run Meets River. This is the confluence of Ginnie Spring Run and the Santa Fe River.

Depths of Devils EarDepths of Devils Ear

Devils "Eardrum".  Looking straight down the channel of Devils Ear Spring, a diver can be seen "tickling the Eardrum".

Devils Rainbow SpringDevils Rainbow Spring

Devils Rainbow. When the River water level is just right, you can dive into Devils Ear and look up to see the tannic red river water swirling in patterns against the clear spring water rushing up past you.  The mixture changes constantly, so getting "the shot" is a matter of luck and trying a lot.  Another one below.

Into The MysteryInto The Mystery

Into The Mystery

Reflected ArchReflected Arch

Reflected Arch

Devils Ear AdornmentDevils Ear Adornment

Devils Ear Chain

Ginnie Run LightGinnie Run Light

Ginnie Run Light. Early mist "mystifies" the river confluence of Ginnie Spring.

Bubble CosmosBubble Cosmos

Bubble Cosmos

Devils Eye SpringDevils Eye Spring

Devils Eye Spring

Mirage in SpringMirage in Spring

Mirage in Spring

Freefall Into SpringFreefall Into Spring

Freefall into Spring  (Devils Eye)

Fire WaterFire Water

Fire Water (Devils Ear)

Earth EyeEarth Eye

Earth Eye (Dogwood Spring)

Swallow-tailed Kite TouchdownSwallow-tailed Kite Touchdown

Touchdown. Swallow-tailed Kite swoops to the river.

Star StruckStar Struck Star Struck. 

John and I light up Dogwood Spring after dark.

Florida's springs are its Fountains of Youth, and Life. The ancient coral-reef-limerock that underlies Florida's crust is riddled with a network of veins which carry this crystal clear lifeblood.  As the clean water flows up into our springs, lakes, and rivers, and out to our Gulf estuaries, our flora and fauna (humans included) are sustained. This is a fragile system.  It is failing in some parts, and poisoned in others.  Over-pumping, over-fertilizing, polluting runoff, etc. are taking their toll.  And now there is talk of fracking. What are we thinking? 

Thanks for your visit.  Your comments and sharing are much appreciated.







Robert Gates(non-registered)
I like "Devils Eye Spring" very much! It has a misty look. I guess it wasn't sharpened in post processing or maybe it was modified in some way so as to reduce any appearance of sharpness?
Gabriela Vigo(non-registered)
Dogwood Spring at night is magical. I love the springs on the Santa Fe. You capture their ephemeral beauty so well!
Ted Ruffner(non-registered)
Great David, Love the Kite shot. Amazing! Happy holidays.
Thank you, David, for sharing your marvelous talent and the story of Ginnie Springs.
What a great Christmas present!
I love your work!
Joel and George Dawson(non-registered)
lovely, as usual. We are amazed at the clarity from foreground to background. Beautiful photos.
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