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Welcome to David Moynahan's Photo Blog. Here you can step behind the scene with me as I explore (mostly) Florida's remaining wild places with my camera. To just see the pretty pictures, you miss knowing what adventures (and misadventures) were part of their making. So enter here, and join in the journey!

This "new and improved" blog site begins in May 2013.  Here is an INDEX with titles, links, and descriptions of my posts so far.

At my original site, you can find about 100 more stories from 2006 until April 2013 here:

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Please feel free to share the links to my Blog and website with your family and friends, and/or on Facebook (join me there as well). My goal is to reach as many as possible, to inspire everyone to get outside and have fun in Mother Nature, and to help raise awareness of the fragile beauty that still surrounds us in hope that we may join hands in protecting this natural heritage for our children and their children.

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The Great Conjunction of 2020 - Solstice Star

December 31, 2020
St Marks Lighthouse Some say that the Christmas Star followed by the Wise Men was actually the Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. This year on the Solstice, December 2...
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Spelunking a Spring

December 25, 2020
Merritt's Mill Pond, Before the Drawdown Gator Hole Spring, Before the Drawdown Merritts Mill Pond, a spring-fed dammed lake near Marianna FL, was "drawn down" for...
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Adventures in Search of Gander Spring

June 09, 2020
Last Wednesday, Mike and I launched our kayaks in a gentle breeze from Wakulla Beach, intent on our missions: 1. To find his lost gear and 2. To find Gander Spring. M...
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December 01, 2019
Do nature photographers retire? Maybe, but for this one, it's a gradual process. I still love being in nature and making art, but I have slowed down, with fewer pre-dawn...
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Art & Artifacts of St Vincent Island

November 01, 2019
Prehistoric Pottery Shard On a recent visit to St. Vincent Island National Wildlife Refuge, Crystal, Sue, Jeff, and I discovered a spot where an ancient Indian midden...
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