David Moynahan Photoblog Archive and Index


May            Firefly Magic Round the Sinkhole  Surreal nightscape with fireflies.

June           Chassahowitzka  Photo Journal of trip - Chasshowitzka Wildlife Management Area

July            Bays and Glades  Exploring the Everglades

August        Portrait of a River  Images from Apalachicola River and tributaries

September  Drive Me to Abstraction  Photo Abstracts from Nature

October      Wildflowers & Butterflies of Fall  North Florida wildflowers and butterflies

November   Nightscapes  Light Painting FL Landscapes at Night

December   Portrait of a River Project - Success!  Photo Journal of Apalachicola River trip


January      Disappearing Ice  Glaciers and icebergs of Iceland

February     Polar Vortex Embraces Florida  Beautiful abstracts of ice formations

March         Springs Eternal  Spring hop around North and Central Florida

April           Suwannee Fire  Camping along the Suwannee River

May            Cocoa Beach  Photo memories from many family trips to Cocoa

June           Historic Hays-Hood House Art Show  Photos exhibited at my show

July            Sopchoppy  Bizarre cypress knees and giant trees along the Sopchoppy River  

August        Choctawhatchee River Adventures  Photos from the mysterious river, spring and tributaries

September  Shepherd Spring  A spring along the Florida Trail from the sky, land, and underwater

October      Remembering  Leon County's Lake Bradford and chain of lakes

November   Giant Tadpoles of Econfina  Pristine springs with giant tadpoles on Econfina Creek

December   Coming To Pass  Photos from the adventures along with excerpts from the book


January       Of Rainbows and Lambs  Portentous sunrise rainbow and birthing lambs at farm in N. Georgia

February      River Love Poem  Valentines river camping trips with my beloved  

April            Morning Glory   Early morning outings

May             Hand of Man   Artsy photos that include man-made structures

June            In the Blink of an Eye  Looking closely at eyes of many creatures

July             Oil Blots and unspOILed Spots  High-contrast photos featured in an anthology about FL's coast

August        The Realm of St. Marks - An Introduction   Selection of best shots from St Marks National Wildlife Refuge

September  Springs of the Mill Pond   Exploration of Merritts Mill Pond and its springs, Jackson County, FL

October      Earthly Eyes Aglow   Night photography at Hole in the Wall Spring, Merritts Mill Pond 

November   Ginnie and Her Santa Fe River Springs   Ginnie Springs on the Santa Fe River, Florida

December   Landscapes of St. Marks  Landscape photos from St Marks National Wildlife Refuge


January      Way Up Upon the Suwannee River   River camping on the upper Suwannee River

February     Valentines  Photos from David's archives with a love theme

April           Tallahassee International Airport Art  Metal prints on display at Live Oak Cafe, TLH airport         

May            On My Knees   The beauty of cypress knees

June           Under the Sea   Underwater photography from dive trip to Belize, Caribbean

July            Sands of Tide   Abstracts and landscapes from Florida's beaches

August        Bay Scallops   Underwater photos of Florida bay scallops, including close ups

September  Florida Spring Hopping   Many beautiful springs from around Florida

October      Wild Florida   Photos exhibited in the Wild Florida Show in West Palm Beach, FL

November   November   Florida nature photography made in the fall, specifically November

December   Aucilla  Selected shots from paddling trips on the Aucilla River, FL


January      Eye of the Aquifer   The making of a surreal nightscape at an amazing place in FL   

February     Blue Cypress Lake Christmas   Boat camping on Blue Cypress Lake

March         Naked Under the Stars   Star trail nightscape at Naked Spring, Gilchrist Blue Spring State Park, FL

April           Palmy Dreams on the Econlockhatchee  Boat camping on the Econlockhatchee River, FL

May            Sweet Satilla Kayak camping on the Satilla River, S. Georgia

July            Photography in Conservation   David's work as used in conservation

August        Milky Way Over North Florida   First efforts shooting the Milky Way

September  The Great American Solar Eclipse  The solar eclipse from Pleasant View, TN

October      The Awe of the Storm  Shooting stormy skies in N. Florida

November  Milky Way Revisited  North Florida Milky Way photography

December  Galapagos  Photos made on recent trip to Galapagos   


January      Reflections   Reflections in and on nature

February     Suwannee River Camping   Kayak camping on a section of the Suwannee River

March         Seven Runs Creek - Florida Forever!   Photo log and tales from multiple trips on one of Florida's wildest places

April           Spring Migration at the Florida Gulf Coast  Photos of neotropical migratory birds at St George Island

June          Florida - Land of Flowers  Selection of David's best photos of flowers

July           Water from Stone - Rock Springs  One of Florida's hidden gems, including a dramatic nightscape

August      The Realm of the Gator  Diverse portfolio of David's best photos of alligators in Florida

September Infrared Vision   Dramatic panoramas and Florida landscapes in black and white using infrared photography

October      Tallahassee Magazine - The Moynahan Edition  Cover article about David's work featuring 12 pages of photo spreads

November  Tour of Prints   Selections from current print inventory

December   Before the Eye of the Storm    Pre-storm Florida nature photos from Hurricane Michael's path through Florida


January      Mashes Sands   Selection of photos from an amazing Gulf beach in the FL panhandle

February     Eclipse of the Moon   Celebration of the moon, starting with the Super Blood Wolf Lunar Eclipse of 2019

March         Suwannee Estuary     Camping and exploring the islands in the Gulf at the mouth of the Suwannee

April           Florida Swamps.    Photos of swamps from the Everglades to the Panhandle

May           Help Me Pick - Wakulla Springs.      Finalist options of David's photos for the Wakulla Springs Lodge

June          Wakulla Springs Picks.  Large photo transparencies on permanent exhibit in Wakulla Springs Lodge lobby

June          Tallahassee Museum & the new Snake Digs.  Wide panoramas made for the Museum snake habitats & Museum grounds

July            Suwannee Spring Illuminations.  The making of a Suwannee Springs nightscape

August       Maine Rocks.     Photos of the beautiful coastal rocks of mid coast, Maine.

September Fisheating Creek.    Photos and stories of the Florida wilds around Fisheating Creek in Central Florida

October      Bahamas.     Photos and adventure stories of many years' visits to the Bahamas

November   Art and Artifacts of St Vincent Island.     Pottery shards and other artsy beauty from a national wildlife refuge

December   Favorites.    Favorite photos with their backstories selected from many years of my photoblog posts.


June          Adventures in Search of Gander Spring.    A harrowing tale and the adventures that followed.