Mashes Sands

January 01, 2019  •  37 Comments

Morning Glory SloshMorning Glory Slosh

Mashes Sands... I first heard this mysterious-sounding name many years ago - said to be a local beach at the mouth of Ochlockonee Bay. It took a few more years before I visited. Bob Thompson (above) invited me to meet him there for a sunrise low tide (..."and bring your wading boots.")  We hadn't walked far before I was taken in by the magic in the sand and how it was shaped by the tides and currents and wind. We walked - and waded across Sand Creek - going a mile or so, around the point into Dickerson Bay.  And then back again.

Sands of Mashes SandsSands of Mashes Sands

Less than a half hour from my home, Mashes Sands has become one of my favorite places on Florida's Gulf Coast. Let me show you why.

Sand RibsSand Ribs

Sand Ribs

Sky PondSky Pond

Sky Pond

Gulf Cloud ArcGulf Cloud ArcMashes Sands

Gulf Cloud Arc

I love the ever-changing patterns in the sand, the big sky, and the little surprises found on each and every visit.

Ghost Crab ReflectingGhost Crab ReflectingMashes Sands, FL

Ghost Crab Reflection

Barnacle AdornmentBarnacle Adornment

Barnacle Adornment

Crab Trap AbstractCrab Trap Abstract

Crab Trap Abstract

Sand PerspectiveSand Perspective

Sand Perspective

Dawn Sky Mashes SandsDawn Sky Mashes Sands

Dawn Sky Mashes Sands

Sunrise SnagSunrise Snag

Sunrise Snag

Beached JellyBeached Jelly

Beached Jelly

Gulf OaksGulf Oaks

Gulf Oaks

Vulnerable acreage adjoining this county-owned beach was high on the list for acquisition by the Florida Forever Program. In 2011, I submitted the next three photos for consideration in the Florida Forever Calendar, an effort to raise awareness and to get the FL Legislature to re-fund the neglected Program. 

Mashes Sands  HammockMashes Sands Hammock

Mashes Sands Hammock

Horseshoe SurferHorseshoe Surfer

Horseshoe Surfer

Florida Forever CoverFlorida Forever Cover

Florida Forever Cover

The third one was selected and ultimately made the cover.  It was one of those serendipitous moments. I'd just set up to make a photo of this rather plain scene when suddenly a flock of Black Skimmers approached from beyond those trees, circled and landed right in front of me. Surprise!


There are freshwater and saltwater marshes between the beach and mainland - full of life and diversity...

Prints in SandPrints in Sand

Prints in the Sand

Blanket Flowers and Wood StorksBlanket Flowers and Wood StorksMashes Sands, FL

Blanket Flowers and Wood Storks

Gulf Dawn PanoramaGulf Dawn Panorama

Gulf Dawn Panorama

Close LookClose LookTiny periwinkel snails cling to nearly every blade of marsh grass in this scene. Mashes Sands, FL

Close Look

Horseshoe Crab MoltHorseshoe Crab Molt


Nature the Artist creates (and destroys) amazing new sculptures at Mashes Sands each day...

Sandy ScallopsSandy ScallopsMashes Sands

Sandy Scallops



Tidal CreekbedTidal Creekbed

Sand Creek Delta

And the Seep Trees always draw me in...

Seep TreesSeep Trees Seep Trees IISeep Trees II

This is a popular place for folks to walk and dogs to romp... [but don't let 'em chase the shorebirds]

Full Tilt BoogieFull Tilt Boogie

Scruffy... Full Tilt Boogie

Skimmer Flock in FlightSkimmer Flock in Flight

Black Skimmers [NOT roused by Scruffy]

Mashes Sands commands a wondrous view of the Universe...

Still StandingStill Standing

Still Standing 1

Still Standing IVStill Standing IV

Still Standing 4

And magnificent vistas of fierce Gulf storms rolling in...

Ebbing Tide & StormEbbing Tide & Storm

Ebbing Tide & Storm

Mashes Sands Grass SpitMashes Sands Grass Spit

Grass Spit



Mashes Sand Sunrise StormMashes Sand Sunrise Storm

Mashes Sands Sunrise Storm

Whats LeftWhats Left

What's Left

Mashes Sands and the surrounding area was hit hard by Hurricane Michael a few months ago. (What's Left was made shortly after the hurricane.) "Still Standing" is no longer. In fact, the topography is largely altered, but this natural shoreline is remarkably resilient. We're still wandering there, in awe of the surprises and life along the Gulf.

Now you know. If you are near Wakulla County, this unique wild Florida coastline is a place not-to-be-missed.   Thanks for your visit.  Please share this link widely.  And please leave a comment here at the blog.  I'd love to hear from you.







Mashes sand beach(non-registered)
Where did the name Mashes Sand come from?
Bruce Duncan(non-registered)
Loved seeing the ways you were able to capture, through the lens of your camera, the intricacies and beauty of nature! Very refreshing!
Jon and Kathryn(non-registered)
David - thanks so much for sharing and hope you continue to do so for years to come ... enjoying every word and photograph !
Sally Marie Sprung(non-registered)
WONDERFUL, David! You have captured the most wonderful glimpses of beautiful Mashes Sands! We haven't been in too long - will indeed make time to visit soon, thanks to your motivational photos! Biggest Blessings!
W. George Fong(non-registered)
David: I always admire your photo art work. This time I have to thank you and Bob for photographing the beautiful Wakulla nature before Hurricane Michael, truly preservation.
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