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August 01, 2019  •  35 Comments

Maine Rocks - ANP 12Maine Rocks - ANP 12

Maine really rocks... mainly because of its rocks. Well, not only the rocks, but I couldn't resist the pun. As a rare exception, this post leaves my beloved Florida for a jaunt to the Mid Coast of Maine.  Crystal was itching to go (I was resistant)...and so she planned the whole trip, with or without me.  When presented with the enticing details, my resistance melted away. She had us set up in a sweet little studio apartment along the upper Passagassawakeag River just outside Belfast. We explored the lovely coastal town (and others nearby), the beaches and trails, and the nearby state and national parks. While North Florida was steeping in tropical-storm-rains, heat, and humidity,  Maine's cooler weather was a welcome reprieve.

Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 1Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 1

So, this could be a travelogue... with a lot more snapshots of our daily adventures.  But it isn't. Suffice it to say, we enjoyed ourselves and each other immensely, and will be going back.  This blog is about Rocks. I've always been a rockhound, though my youthful days of hauling home embarrassingly heavy suitcases are long over.  Instead, I've been "collecting" them with my camera for many years now. 

Maine Rocks - ANP 10Maine Rocks - ANP 10

And Maine is a goldmine. Have a look for yourselves.  I've grouped these selected photos by location, named in the first photo of each collection. Take a moment to look at each composition individually, as you might a large abstract painting at the Museum of Modern Art.

I'll start at my favorite rock place, just outside Belfast - Moose Point State Park. The rocks ROCKED!

Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 13Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 13

Moose Point State Park

Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 12Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 12
Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 7Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 7
Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 17Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 17 Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 10Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 10 Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 18Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 18 Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 8Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 8 Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 15Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 15 Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 19Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 19 Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 14Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 14 Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 3Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 3
Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 5Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 5 Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 2Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 2 Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 4Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 4 Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 20Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 20 Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 16Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 16 Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 11Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 11 Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 9Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 9 Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 6Maine Rocks- Moose Pt- 6

An hour or so northeast was Acadia National Park.  After our planned "one packed day for Acadia", we went back for an encore 2 days later. 

Mid-summer and almost NO people on our hikes... how did we manage that? Hint: the sun rises at 5 AM.

Maine Rocks-1Maine Rocks-1

Acadia National Park - Mount Desert Island - Ocean Path

Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 1Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 1 Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 4Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 4 Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 3Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 3 Maine Rocks - ANP 13Maine Rocks - ANP 13 Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 5Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 5 Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 2Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 2
Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 6Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 6 Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 8Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 8 Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 7Maine Rocks - ANP Detail 7 Maine Rocks - ANP 15Maine Rocks - ANP 15 Maine Rocks - ANP 16Maine Rocks - ANP 16 Maine Rocks - ANP 17Maine Rocks - ANP 17 Maine Rocks - ANP 11Maine Rocks - ANP 11 Maine Rocks - ANP 9Maine Rocks - ANP 9 Maine Rocks - ANP 14Maine Rocks - ANP 14

Rounding the Loop in Acadia, we had a leisurely visit and hike at Jordan Pond. Seemed wherever you looked was a postcard.

Jordan Pond VistaJordan Pond Vista Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park

Jordan Pond - DavidJordan Pond - David

That's me.  Photo by Crystal Wakoa

Jordan Pond Rocks 2Jordan Pond Rocks 2 Jordan Pond Rocks 1Jordan Pond Rocks 1 Jordan Pond Rocks 3Jordan Pond Rocks 3

We were told that the summit of Cadillac Mountain was a must-see...

Cadillac Mountain VistaCadillac Mountain Vista

Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park

Cadillac Mountain Rocks 1Cadillac Mountain Rocks 1 Cadillac Mountain Rocks 2Cadillac Mountain Rocks 2

A ferry in Bar Harbor took us to the more remote part of Acadia, the Schoodic Peninsula, where we spent time at the Point.

Schoodic PointSchoodic Point Schoodic Point

Schoodic Pt Rocks 7Schoodic Pt Rocks 7 Schoodic Pt Rocks 1Schoodic Pt Rocks 1 Schoodic Pt Rocks 5Schoodic Pt Rocks 5 Schoodic Pt Rocks 2Schoodic Pt Rocks 2 Schoodic Pt Rocks 4Schoodic Pt Rocks 4 Schoodic Pt Rocks 6Schoodic Pt Rocks 6 Schoodic Pt Rocks 3Schoodic Pt Rocks 3

Despite these all being coastal Maine, each place we visited had uniquely different character clearly exhibited in its rocks. I was thrilled and enthralled.  And next time Crystal says, let's go, I'll be all aboard.

Thanks for putting up with my rock passion, and getting all the way to the end (50 photos, yeow!)  But if you made it this far, you must like rocks too, so please let me know... leave a comment below.  Next month, back to Florida.  Until then, stay cool.



Joel Dawson(non-registered)
I always enjoy your photos and am in awe of how beautiful they are. Also, I think rocks are great and I always bring back little ones.
Deborah Lawson(non-registered)
Really awesome. Thank you again!
Anna Lee(non-registered)
Wow!!! You did it again! I love rocks and these photos make me think of a summer home in Maine. Jealous? Yes! Thankful for you bringing these home to me? Oh, yeah!
W. George Fong(non-registered)
Hi David: Thanks for sharing the beautiful rock photos. I never have been in Maine. Therefore, it is am eye opening for me.
Dana Bryan(non-registered)
I miss the rocky New England shoreline now being a Floridian. Luckily, family and friends still draw me back a couple of times a year, including to Chebeague Island off of Portland. Pick up any beach glass or "lucky stones"?
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