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Dead River SunriseDead River Sunrise

Sunrise on the Dead River

As 2017 ends, the news is filled with reflections on events of the tumultuous year gone by. As a break from that, I'd like to meditate on the calm and peace in the reflections of nature. Whenever the chaos, tragedy, or drama of the world starts to weigh too heavily, I find a good dose of nature provides a welcome antidote, or at least some balance and perspective. So I've selected a few favorites from my archives to share, hoping to give you a respite, and inspiration for a deep breath.

Bradford CreekBradford Creek

Bradford Creek - formerly in our backyard

Watching calm waters for abstract compositions is a sub-conscious habit for me.  The soft blurs or wave-squiggled lines offer painterly interpretation of our so-called fixed terrestrial world.

Crooked MastsCrooked MastsReflected sailboat rigging.

Crooked Masts

Fleur-de-lysFleur-de-lysAbstract composition from reflection in water.


Dock of the BayDock of the Bay

Dock on the Bay

Abstract Reflection 3Fall Impression

Fall Impression

Monet on MyakkaMonet on Myakka

Monet on Myakka

Impression of TreesSketchy Impression

Sketchy Impression

Under the RainbowUnder the RainbowA think sheen of pollen refracts the sunlight that reflects off the water surface. Apalachicola National Forest.

Under the Rainbow. Refraction + Reflection

Water Colors 2Water Colors 2Aucilla Sinks Trail with Crystal. 09-01-16. 11 am to 3 pm. clear day.

Water Colors

Rainbow PaddlerRainbow Paddler

Rainbow Paddler.  Reflections from a passing kayak.

Woven LightWoven Light

Woven Light

As each day begins, whether we are out there or not, nature offers a wondrous show in its awakening. 

Picnic Pond SunrisePicnic Pond SunriseSt. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, FL

Picnic Pond Sunrise



Stick Light MagicStick Light MagicLake Windor, FL

Essence of BahamaEssence of BahamaPlacid sunrise, Andros, Bahamas

Placid Lucidity

Reflections on the Suwannee PanoramaReflections on the Suwannee Panorama

Suwannee Panorama

St Marks LighthouseSt Marks LighthouseCabbage palm at sunrise offers a golden foreground. St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, FL

St Marks Lighthouse

One day on the Chipola River...  The surreal mirrored images from roots and leaves and carved limerock captivated my eye. Rotating them 90 degrees ... whoa!.

Rorschach Test

Arrow Head

Arrow Head

Surreal & Sub-Lime-Rock IISurreal & Sub-Lime-Rock II

Surreal & Sub-Lime-Rock

I sometimes envy the creatures, flora too, whose lives are so in tune with the rhythms of night and day, birth and death.

Zen HeronZen Heron

Zen Heron

Lazy DaysLazy Days

Lazy Days

Reflecting RoseReflecting Rose

Reflecting Rose

Palmetto Light ReflectedPalmetto Light ReflectedSt. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, FL

Palmetto Light Reflected

Hood Spider & the Golden EggHood Spider & the Golden Egg

Hood Spider & the Golden Egg


Lily Light SoloLily Light SoloWater Lily in Spotlight

Lily Light Solo

Surreal Suspension

Surreal Suspension. Crystal (and her shadows), lost in reverie, float through "Inner Space".

Often it's the edges in reflection -- whether marsh, river or lake -- where the composition happens or not.

Edge of Marsh

Edge of Marsh

Devon Creek TunnelDevon Creek Tunnel

Devon Creek Tunnel

Turtle RocksTurtle RocksUnusual round rocks cluster in the reflective Peace River. FL.

Turtle Rocks

Tree BurstTree Burst

Tree Burst

Misty_Palm_PanoMisty Palm Pano

Misty Palm Pano

Econ_GloryEcon Glory

Econ Glory 

Sunset into dusk is another time of magical light ...

Double SunDouble Sun

Double Sun

Marsh Light

Cattail Lightplay

Line of DuskLine of Dusk

Line of Dusk

Even at night, where there is light and water - human or starlight - there are reflections. 

Night Lights

Night Lights

As the Worlds Turn

Polaris Vortex

May your days of 2018 be uplifted when you take a long moment to wonder at the marvels of nature.  Thanks for your visit, your comments (below), and for sharing this link with all those who might enjoy it.


Doug Alderson(non-registered)
Some beautiful art, David! Thanks for sharing.
Linda Miller(non-registered)
Wow! Thank you so much for your work and for sharing it with us <3
my days and nights of 2018 have melted together with our beloved Kodiak, he so loved so the shore along the water, running like the wind, up and down the dunes- your photographic journey has brought many wonder filled memories of him when bob and i would take him to the beach at sunrise and sunset. Thank you for sharing these captured moments of our natural world, sometimes we forget to stop and see beyond what is right in front of us. I will visit this journey often.
Carlos Alvarez(non-registered)
Beautiful in so many ways. Many thanks for these visual gifts.
Anna Lee(non-registered)
David, you give such a gift to us all who are privileged to see your work in this way. Every one of these is a “Wow” and an “Ah!”. Thank you so much for generously being in and adding beauty and light to my world.
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