The Awe of the Storm

October 01, 2017  •  30 Comments

In deference to the mighty punch of this season's Atlantic hurricanes, I'm presenting a selection from my portfolio of storm photos.  Mind you, these do not include any photos from the 2017 Hurricane Season.  As Irma approached Florida, my focus and energy were on storm preparation and safeguarding my family. (Plus, I'm not a photojournalist.) We were fortunate to have this massive and destructive storm lose much of its strength before it reached our area and we came through it just fine.  But I've included a few sobering shots (like above) that I made years ago after Hurricane Ivan so this post doesn't entirely gloss over the wrathful side with what otherwise might be a photo collection of beauty in nature's fury. 

Beach FlowersBeach Flowers

The Calm before the Fury . Indian Pass

Mashes Sand Sunrise StormMashes Sand Sunrise Storm

Stormy Sunrise . Mashes Sands

Storm Cloud CompositionStorm Cloud Composition

Florida Mountains . St Marks

Storm FrontStorm Front

Frontal Assault . St Marks

Rainbow PalmRainbow Palm

Rainbow Palm . Cocoa Beach

Florida SkyFlorida Sky

Cotton Candy Panorama . Panacea


Ominous Sky . Apalachicola River

Total Loss . Dog Island

Tubing Wave . Ft Clinch

St. Marks Sunset StormSt. Marks Sunset Storm

Sunset Storm . St Marks

Night Rage . Atlantic Ocean

Sitting Ducks . Indian Pass

Angry Sky . Panacea

Angry RollersAngry Rollers

Roaring Rollers . Cocoa Beach

Bay Storm . Apalachicola

Ebbing Tide & StormEbbing Tide & Storm

Ebbing Tide Rising Storm . Mashes Sands

Hue of StormHue of Storm

Hue of Storm . St Marks


Imminence . Panacea

Mashes Sands StormfrontMashes Sands Stormfront

Stormfront . Mashes Sands

Mashes Sands Grass SpitMashes Sands Grass Spit

Grass Spit . Mashes Sands

Ominous DawnOminous DawnSt. Vincent Island, FL

Ominous Dawn . St Vincent NWR


Promise . Panacea

Rainbow Sky & Lily Pool . St Marks  Sky FurySky Fury

Sky Fury . St Marks

Storm Casualty . Dog Island


Stormy Bayou . St Marks

Stormy MornStormy Morn

The Sky is Falling . St Marks

Starkness . Cape San Blas

Stormy SandStormy Sand

Sand Storm . Cumberland Island

Lucky StrikeLucky Strike

Lucky Strike . Panacea St Vincent Storm PanoramaSt Vincent Storm Panorama

Island of Storm . St Vincent NWR

Next in Line . Dog Island

My heart goes out to all who suffered from the mighty storms this fall, especially to those islanders in the Caribbean hammered repeatedly. May the rest of the season be calmer, and the storms to be remain asea.  Thanks for visiting my blog. As always, I really appreciate your comments here, and encourage you to share this link with friends and family. 


Norine Cardea(non-registered)
These are amazing, David. I started to remember the titles of those most striking to me-- like night rage, and bay storm-- but there were more and more moving images, too many to name. Many thanks!
Doug Alderson(non-registered)
Great collection and presentation, David!
Mack McClellion(non-registered)
You really captured our Florida clouds that I enjoy so much. With our full moon peeking today and the winds so strong, lately, I've had some great experiences cloud watching in the evening. Thanks for getting out and about and sharing your experiences.
Deborah Lawson(non-registered)
So beautiful and moving. Thanks again David.
I'll email you, Nathan. The PRINTS link button is at the top right of my homepage:
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