Oil Blots and unspOILed Spots

July 01, 2015  •  5 Comments

Oil Blot GullOil Blot Gull

At this time five years ago, BP's Deepwater Horizon had been spewing uncontrollably into the pristine waters of the Gulf of Mexico for almost 3 months. The flow wouldn't be stopped until July 15, 2010.

Our book -- UnspOILed. Writers Speak for Florida's Coast -- had coincidentally just been published within weeks of this tragic environmental disaster. For those of you unfamiliar, here is a taste from a still-relevant anthology of beautiful and personal stories about Florida's coasts and why they are worth protecting. 


At the time of the big spill, we were literally "speaking out" across the state at book release events: readings, slideshows, and signings.  

Unspoiled  Shrimpers & PelicansUnspoiled Shrimpers & Pelicans

Oil Blot OystermanOil Blot Oystermanoystering off St. Vincent Island

Each story is headed by an "oil blot" that I created from my photographs, some included here.  And for many of our presentations, I made a slideshow using quotes extracted from the book.  Take a peek...

Unspoiled Bird FlightUnspoiled Bird Flight Oil Blot ShrimpOil Blot Shrimp Unspoiled Amgel WingsUnspoiled Amgel Wings Unspoiled SwimmerUnspoiled Swimmer Oil Blot GirlsOil Blot Girls Unspoiled_blog_SCUnspoiled_blog_SC Unspoiled  MonarchsUnspoiled Monarchs Oil Blot MonarchOil Blot Monarch Unspoiled  BeachUnspoiled Beach Oil Blot Beach SceneOil Blot Beach Scene Unspoiled Ibis TripUnspoiled Ibis Trip Oil Blot BurrfishOil Blot Burrfish Unspoiled  DockUnspoiled Dock Oil Blot Horseshoe CrabOil Blot Horseshoe Crab Unspoiled  WaterUnspoiled Water Oil Blot FishermanOil Blot Fisherman Unspoiled WaterlineUnspoiled Waterline Oil Blot KayakerOil Blot Kayaker Unspoiled  WaveUnspoiled Wave Oil Blot JellyfishOil Blot Jellyfish Unspoiled  DolphinUnspoiled Dolphin Oil Blot DolphinOil Blot Dolphin Unspoiled DunesUnspoiled Dunes Oil Blot FiddlerOil Blot FiddlerWakulla Beach morning and evening Unspoiled SkimmerUnspoiled Skimmer Oil Blot SkimmerOil Blot Skimmer


Doug Alderson(non-registered)
Another beautiful reminder of that which is sacred. Thank you!
Janisse Ray(non-registered)
Well-done, David. It's wonderful seeing everything again here. Thanks for giving the book another life. Hope all's grand with you & Crystal!
Ray Bellamy(non-registered)
The sad part overshadows the rest. How immediate the Gulf Horizon spill made these feelings and emotions. And drilling in the Arctic…insane.
What a jumble of emotions these gorgeous photos and the profound and poetic text pull to the forefront of my mind and depth of my heart. I'm trying hard not to be sad, but I am. Reminders are critically important. Thank you, David.
Susan cerulean(non-registered)
David, this is gorgeous, truly. Your art speaks so eloquently as always. Thank you, my friend.
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