In the Blink of an Eye

June 01, 2015  •  16 Comments

Swimming ScallopSwimming ScallopBay Scallop. Gulf of Mexico

The Swimming Scallop (above) is part of a new exhibit called "Life at the Limits" now showing at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.   I am of course deeply honored to have my photo in one of New York's most outstanding museums.   The special exhibit will be in NY until January 2016, after which it will go on world tour.  If you happen to be in New York in the coming months, I hope you have a chance to see it.  It is very cool. The scallop in the exhibit is about amazing eyes (of which the scallop has 100!) 


Starting with those beautiful blue-eyed bay scallops, I've pulled out my photos of other faces whose lovely eyes are worth a deep look into.

Blue EyesBlue EyesBay Scallop. Gulf of Mexico

For those of us blessed with eyesight, our perception of our world is based largely on what we see. Think about it:  all the raw data that enter our eyes are simply shapes of lightness and darkness and color.  With that data, our minds create the world as we know it. Our other senses corroborate and flesh out what we see, but all together the sound, taste, touch, and smell account for only about a tenth of what we interpret as "the world".  In one sense, these "sensory doors" are our only "connections" to all that lies beyond our bodies, and yet, as each of us is a small cog in this grand universe, we are intricately connected with everything and everyone - one magnificent tapestry.  

So, at least for these moments -- while browsing my photos, and experiencing the feelings and stories they evoke -- consider your own mind's eye with wonder and gratitude, and our interconnectedness with these creatures, each other, and beyond.

Bald Eagle PortraitBald Eagle Portrait Monkey ManMonkey Man Oak SnakeOak SnakeAKA, Gray Rat Snake. Very camouflaged, and by holding very still (Yay!), figured I couldn't see him/her. Yelloweye SnapperYelloweye SnapperJust caught. Praying MantisWaving Mantis Burrowing Owl EyesBurrowing Owl Eyes Octopus AswimOctopus Aswim Icelandic Sheep PortraitIcelandic Sheep Portrait Young Denizen 2Young Denizen 2 Great Egret ChickGreat Egret Chick Manatee ProfileManatee Profile Box TurtleBox TurtleWakulla Co. FL BeachedBeachedAll my life, I've loved beachcombing to see the interesting flotsam deposited ashore by the sea. As a kid, I hauled stuff home to add to my "collection". Now I look for compositions and take home only photographs. Well, mostly. Ocellated FrogfishOcellated FrogfishA homely looking face, but look at that star-of-an-eye. Gull FaceGull Face Florida PantherFlorida PantherMale panther stalking ME! ...behind a fence. (captive) Floating EyesFloating Eyes BurrfishBurrfishAlso known as Spiny Boxfish. Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve, FL Hover FlyHoverflyaka Detective Bee, this fly hovers mid-air. Wakulla Co, FL Great Egret PortraitGreat Egret PortraitSometimes at fish-cleaning docks, one can get really close to wild birds. Barn OwletBarn Owlet Lookin AtchaLookin Atcha Four-eyed ButterflyfishFour-eyed Butterflyfish BobkittyBobkitty End of the RoadEnd of the RoadA tiny Fakahatchee treesnail reaches to tip of the stick. Black VultureBlack VultureWith stomachs of iron, vultures make up the cleanup crews that help prevent the spread of disease from carrion. Rattlesnake FaceRattlesnake FaceDiamondback Rattlesnake Portrait Reddish EgretReddish Egret Circle of Life RealitiesCircle of Life RealitiesThe old loggerhead must have lived a pretty full life (given its size and the barnacles on its head), especially compared to the vast majority of baby sea turtles who find themselves in the bellies of a whole host of predators within their first year. Fishing Spider and reflectionHood Spider & the Golden EggI spied this enormous spider with her egg case on the hood of the car in my driveway and knew I had to drop everything and make a photo.Fishing Spider, Dolomedes sp. Great Horned OwlGreat Horned Owl Giant Hermit CrabGiant Hermit CrabBelize Hornbill MakeupHornbill Makeup Master of DisguiseMaster of DisguiseBelize. Scorpionfish. Pelican Portrait 2Pelican Portrait 2 Key DeerKey DeerBig Pine Key, FL Scarlet Kingsnake Head OnScarlet Kingsnake Head On lichen on stoneFisheyeLichens on stone are among the myriad of Mother Nature's amazing paintbrushes. Ghost Crab ReflectingGhost Crab ReflectingMashes Sands, FL Smiling GatorSmiling GatorAmerican Alligator portrait in Fakahatchee Strand. Red Fox KitRed Fox Kit Baby HumpbackBaby HumpbackYoung and playful, this humpback whale calf came close enough to us to kick a camera with its tail. Mama was watching from just below. Dominican Republic. Tri-colored HeronTri-colored Heron PufferPuffer

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Ron Zamora(non-registered)
Beautiful photography !
Joel Dawson(non-registered)
Really enjoyed your blog as usual. Congratulations on having your scallop photo in NY museum. I have worked on getting some eye photos, but haven't gotten very far. You have stimulated me to work on this project more and to collect what I already have into an album.
Brenda Mills(non-registered)
Wow! Eye-popping! Love those glowing gator eyes in the dark!
Max Walter(non-registered)
Truly extraordinary, David. I love the theme and am always mesmerized and astounded at the quality and uniqueness of your work and passion. Congratulations!
Diane Hines(non-registered)
David, What a wonderful collection of eyes! Your work is truly outstanding; thanks so much for sharing it with others. Congratulations on your photo in NY exhibit! It's fantastic, Diane
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