Infrared Vision

September 01, 2018  •  18 Comments

Carabelle Beach

Having long-admired Paul Marcellini's infrared photos as well as others, I've been tempted for years to try my hand at it.  Then my friend, Mike Riffle, had a camera converted to IR and started making some very cool photos right here in Wakulla County.  So earlier this year, I had one of my older DSLRs converted as well (which means having the sensor modified to read infrared light and reduced sensitivity to visible light).

Excitedly,  I started testing the new rig. And... got lots of disappointing images.  I quickly learned that I needed to start "seeing scenes in infrared".  Just having a dramatic sky wasn't enough, nor was simply a pleasing landscape composition.  Seeing in this new way is going to take experience... a lot more experience than I have by now.  But I've had a few successful shots, and one panorama that I was particularly proud of.  So, I thought I'd share those with my blog audience (while honestly admitting to trashing dozens of duds for each of these).  Please let me know what you think, and maybe which you find most pleasing in the comments below.  That will surely help my learning curve.

Palms of St Marks IR Pano

Lake Vista. 

Lake Vista is my favorite IR shot so far. It was the "calm before the storm".  We had to do some hard paddling to make it back to the safety of the car (moments) before the deluge and cracks of lightning, but I was pretty sure I had the makings of a portfolio shot.  This is a "stitched panorama" made of a series of 7 shots, so it is a huge file (that makes amazing large prints).

Paddleboard Tour

I was surprised to find that humans appear pretty normal in the IR images.  This is our granddaughter, Liv and her daddy, Hendrik in the Gulf.

Grand Wacissa

Lower Wacissa Paddling

Bradford Brook in the Rain

Color tints can be used, but generally I prefer to stick with straight black and white interpretations of the infrared image files.

St Marks Sky5 IRSt Marks Sky5 IR

St Marks Sky 5 (another of my favorites)

Marsh Skyscape

Half Mile Rise Panorama

St Marks Sky IRc - Pano38St Marks Sky IRc - Pano38 St Marks Sky Pano38

Fallen Palm

Into Light 2

Salt Marsh Panorama IR31Salt Marsh Panorama IR31 Salt Marsh Panorama IR31

St Marks Sky3 IRSt Marks Sky3 IR

St Marks Sky 3

There are my keepers so far. Let me know what you think below. Thanks, and happy wanderings.


Gloria Hannemann(non-registered)
Once again you have surpassed yourself!!!!
How groovy, Man.....
Love, love, love - Lake Vista. My favorite. Thanks for sharing.
Glenda Simmons Photography
David, I've never tired IR, but thought about converting a camera, but gave it to my son-in-law. lol By the way, I have an adorable 6 month old Grandson, now :) You appear to have gotten a good start, in fact they look great, just know that you will get better with your expert eyes and attention to detail. I have to say my favorite is Palms of St. Marks Pano. The cloud formation catches my eye, but what sends this one to the top , for me, is the leading lines. My eye starts with the wonderful burst of white Christmas looking Palm trees, in the foreground, then just flow around and follows to the back, as the trees are smaller, all the way out to the sweet clump of Palms on the right. Love it!! Look forward t seeing your next batch. Umm, wonder what IR would do with birds? Migration is starting up :)
Gloria Hannemann(non-registered)
You do marvelous work . I always enjoyed them. This is so unusual and grabs the viewer. Thank you
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