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February 01, 2015  •  15 Comments

Limestone HeartLimestone Heart

Our first date was paddling a canoe through a cypress cathedral to a secret picnic spot where we lingered and got to know one another. That was 20 years and many paddling trips ago. My beloved wife and best friend, Crystal Wakoa, wrote poems for me after three of our early river camping trips which I'm sharing as the intimate body of this Valentine-month's post.  They are in no need of adornment, but I'm adding some photos anyway, including a few snaps from back then.  Enjoy! ...

Foot StoneFoot Stone

Suwannee by Crystal WakoaSuwannee by Crystal Wakoa(c) Crystal Wakoa   Suwannee_WallSuwannee_Wall   River_Love_Poem_Snapshot-1River_Love_Poem_Snapshot-1

    Suwannee_Limestone_8987-EditSuwannee_Limestone_8987-Edit    Suwannee_Sunrise_PanoSuwannee_Sunrise_Pano RLP-Withlacoochee-W&BRLP-Withlacoochee-W&B   River_Love_Poem_Snapshot-2River_Love_Poem_Snapshot-2 Blackwater_River_2747-lgBlackwater_River_2747-lg River_Love_Poem_Snapshot-6River_Love_Poem_Snapshot-6 RunSpgCW9010-lgRunSpgCW9010-lg NightOak_2797-poem-blogNightOak_2797-poem-blog River_Love_Poem_Snapshot-3River_Love_Poem_Snapshot-3 River_Love_Poem_Snapshot-5River_Love_Poem_Snapshot-5 Peace by Crystal WakoaPeace by Crystal Wakoa Oak Eye & BromeliadOak Eye & Bromeliad Peace Full VistaPeace Full Vista Buzzard SunriseBuzzard Sunrise Live OaksLive Oaks Peace StonePeace Stone Turtle RocksTurtle RocksUnusual round rocks cluster in the reflective Peace River. FL.

Each new trip we make adds a fine new track to the symphony of memories Crystal and I have shared on our Florida rivers. So blessed we are.

Silhouette from Sunrise MistSilhouette from Sunrise Mist Rainbow PaddlerRainbow Paddler


Absolutely LOVE. Thank you, for sharing, David and Crystal.
Faith Campbell(non-registered)
so gorgeoous. I am not a Floridian but I love the dense vegetation, the oaks with dripping Spanish moss, the palms, the bromeliads ... and the glorious water. Thank you for taking these trips, taking & sharing these photos.
Julie Hauserman(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful. Thank you and love to you and Crystal!
Lesley Gamble(non-registered)
Ah. I cup this missive lightly, with trembling fingers and a radiant heart. Here, we are all lovers, floating, resting, stirring in the vastness that caresses beyond time and all comprehension. Gratitude, love, quiet … I hear a woodpecker … knocking on my metal gutter??? !!! hahaha!!! To the red-headed music of love's profusion!
Paul Gerrits(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing! What a peaceful environment to ground your relationship!
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