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November 01, 2018  •  12 Comments

Canopy Road VCanopy Road V

Canopy Road V. 12x18

I just finished the very un-glamorous task of making an inventory of my "hard-copy"prints. As some of you know, I do sell prints of my work (as described here).  Generally I have prints custom made per order by professional print labs and try to keep a very low volume of inventory in my studio.  Over time, a random collection of prints has grown. And lately, whenever I've looked at the stack of plastic envelopes containing prints in my map chest, I've groaned. (Not infrequently, I have custom ordered a print, not knowing that I already have the exact print in my map chest!)
So, now I have an inventory -  titles, sizes, (and even thumbnail images) that I hope to keep current.

Dr Seuss in the Florida WildsDr Seuss in the Florida Wilds

Dr Seuss in the Florida Wilds. 20x30

A selection of some of these photos makes up my photoblog this month.  This is about half of them.  If you wish to see the whole list, it's here. You can see larger versions by entering the Title into the search box on my homepage.

Eye of the Aquifer. 12x18. Fine Art Paper (Backstory here.)

Given that the season of gift-giving is upon us, I'm discounting my whole print inventory -- "for sale, while supplies last" -- half off through December.

Emerald CutEmerald Cut

Emerald Cut. 12x18 (Backstory here.)

Typically, I have just one print of each. The prints are all on paper and signed, (not matted or framed). A few are on fine art paper, but most are on semigloss archival photo paper.  The fine art paper prints are a little more, as noted on the inventory list, but generally the SALE PRICE will be 8x12=$16; 12x18=$25; 16x24=$32; 20x30=$45; 12x12=$20; 18x18=$$30; 10x20=$25. Other sizes listed are in line with these prices. Just ask me. (Plus sales tax for Floridians (7%) and $7 shipping.)  The way to request a print is to email me directly: [email protected].

Baroque BivalvesBaroque Bivalves

Baroque Bivalves. 18x24

Your gift to me would be Less Full Drawers in 2019, but please feel guilt-free to simply take a deep breath and smile while having a look at the photos here, (and perhaps share the link with others).  Thanks for being here.

Lake Vista. 10x20 

Beacon in the CosmosBeacon in the Cosmos

Beacon in the Cosmos. 12x18 (Backstory here.)

Bracket Fungi PanoramaBracket Fungi Panorama

Bracket Fungi. 8x24

Florida Forever CoverFlorida Forever Cover

Florida Forever.  8x12, 16x20 (Backstory here.)

Barnacle Adornment. 12x12

Earthly Eyes AglowEarthly Eyes Aglow Earthly Eyes Aglow. 8x11, 12x18 (Backstory here.)

East River MystEast River Myst

East River Myst. 24x36

Fleur-de-lysFleur-de-lysAbstract composition from reflection in water.

Fleur de Lys Abstract. 12x18


Garfish.  8x8

Green Heron BreakfastGreen Heron Breakfast

Green Heron Breakfast. 10x20

Leaning Into MarshLeaning Into Marsh

Leaning Into Marsh.  12x18

Lily Among CypressLily Among CypressLake Bradford paddle with John Moran

Lily Among Cypress. 18x24

Live Oak Whorls. 12x12 (cropped)

Lookin AtchaLookin Atcha

Lookin Atcha. 16x20

Magical Moonlight PaddleMagical Moonlight Paddle

Magical Moonlight Paddle. 8x12, 12x18 (Backstory here.)

Marsh & SkyMarsh & Sky

Marsh & Sky. 8x10

Mating DanceMating Dance

Mating Dance. 12x18

Mother Nature's PaintbrushMother Nature's Paintbrush

Mother Nature's Paintbrush. 12x18

Naked under the StarsNaked under the Stars

Naked Under the Stars - Naked Springs. 12x18, 16x24 (Backstory here.)

Osprey in RainOsprey in Rain

Osprey in Rain. 8x12

Night BloomerNight Bloomer

Night Bloomer. 16x20

Owl Creek LightOwl Creek Light

Owl Creek Light. 8x12 (Backstory here.)

Oasis in the DarkOasis in the Dark

Oasis in the Dark. 12x18

Night PatrolNight Patrol

Night Patrol. 12x18, 16x24

Pile UpPile Up

Pile Up. 8x12 (Backstory here.)

Pitcherful of SkyPitcherful of Sky

Pitcherful of Sky. 12x18

Reflections on the SuwanneeReflections on the SuwanneeIconic limerock wall and late fall color are doubled in the placid Suwannee River, FL

Reflections on the Suwannee. 16x24

Rising in the Mist IRising in the Mist I

Rising in the Mist. 8x10 (Backstory here.)

Ruffled TakeoffRuffled Takeoff

Ruffled Takeoff. 8x12

Runes of Nature IIRunes of Nature II

Runes of Nature II. 5x15

Scrub Jay TakeoffScrub Jay Takeoff

Scrub Jay Takeoff. 8x12

spicebush Swallowtail 2spicebush Swallowtail 2

Spicebush Swallowtail. 15x22

Star_StruckStar_Struck Star Struck. 12x18 Fine Art Paper

Still Standing 3Still Standing 3

Still Standing. 12x18

Sunfolower QuadrantSunfolower QuadrantWashington, DC

Sunflower. 18x18

SwamplandSwamplandFakahatchee Strand, FL

Swampland. 12x18 (Backstory here.)

Totems to Picasso - TriptychTotems to Picasso - Triptych Totems to Picasso - Triptych.  10x15

Wacissa LightWacissa LightLower Wacissa River. FL

Wacissa Light. 20x30

Water Colors 2Water Colors 2Aucilla Sinks Trail with Crystal. 09-01-16. 11 am to 3 pm. clear day.

Water Color Abstract II. 12x18

Water From Stone - Rock SpringsWater From Stone - Rock Springs Water from Stone - Rock Springs. 10x20 Fine Art Paper (Backstory here.)

Wintery WakullaWintery WakullaWakulla River, FL.

Wintery Wakulla. 8x12

There's a pretty eclectic collection for you!  Hope you enjoyed the "Tour of Prints". Each image has a backstory (location, adventure, process) - some links to the backstory I included in the caption. Don't hesitate to ask if you'd like to know any particulars.  Whether or not you're interested in prints, your comments HERE AT THE BLOG are much appreciated and help me reach a wider audience in cyberspace.

May your days be merry and bright.



Jack Levine(non-registered)
Dear David...It's not easy to select any favorites as the depth and diversity of these striking images makes the choice impossible. Your eye for natural wonder and technical talent gives each of these photographs a life of its own. Your gift is for capturing beauty is sincerely appreciated.
John Hardt(non-registered)
Looks great!
How could I ever decide????
W. George Fong(non-registered)
Hi David:
This truly is a collection of your photo jewels. I shared them with couple of friends here.
Just gorgeous, David. You are so talented! They make me happy to see! Thanks!
No comments posted.

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