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Beach SunflowersBeach SunflowersFlorida

Beach Sunflowers. Canaveral National Seashore.

Where I grew up in South Florida, you could literally stick a piece of "many-a-shrub" in the ground and it would grow. It was the land of tropical lushness and abundance - which flourished in my heart.  Moving to North Florida (40 years ago) - where seasonal cycles dictate the growing patterns - took some getting used to, but I've come to love the rhythms of nature here as much. 

Indian Pink PerfectionIndian Pink PerfectionFlorida Caverns State Park, FL

Indian Pink. Native wildflower found abundantly in spring at Florida Caverns State Park (and now a modest patch in our yard.)

This month - celebrating spring kind of late - I've pulled together a small gallery of photos of flowers I've made over the years (and all over the state).  Most are native, but with my S. Florida roots and having been an appreciative Master Gardener, I've included just a few shots of cultivars.  Enjoy!

Thistle SunriseThistle Sunrise

Thistle Sunrise. St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge.


Buttonbush. Wakulla River.

Floral EtherFloral Ether

Floral Ether. Angel's Trumpet (Datura), non-native, swaying in the breeze during a long exposure in our former Tallahassee backyard.

Drinking the HemlockDrinking the Hemlock

Drinking the Hemlock.  Bee on Water Hemlock at Rock Springs Run, Orange County

Goldenrod in Muhley GrassGoldenrod in Muhley Grass

Goldenrod in Muhley Grass. St. George Island.

Lotus after the RainLotus after the RainI got caught in a big thunderstorm during a shoot... pretty stressed out. Then I found this place nearby. Magical. The stress melted away.

Lotus After the Rain. Lake Jackson, Leon County.

Ginger BlossomsGinger Blossoms

Ginger Blossoms.   Butterfly Ginger in our yard in Wakulla County.

Blanket Flowers and Wood StorksBlanket Flowers and Wood StorksMashes Sands, FL

Blanket Flowers and Wood Storks. Mashes Sands, Wakulla County.


 Sunflower. A cultivar grown by a friend - Judye, gardener extraordinaire - in Gadsden County

Peace Before FuryPeace Before Fury

Peace Before Fury. Railroad Vine at Indian Pass, Gulf County.

Black-eyed Susans in the FlatwoodsBlack-eyed Susans in the Flatwoods

Black-eyed Susans in the Flatwoods. Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area, Hernando County.

Fritillary and Plant BugFritillary and Plant BugFritillary butterfly and leaf-footed plant bug come face to face on a thistle. Wakulla Co, FL

Fritillary and Plant Bug. Standoff on Thistle at St Marks, Wakulla County.

Lily LightLily Light

Lily Light. Tate's Hell State Forest, Franklin County.

Marsh MallowMarsh MallowShepard Spring walk with John Moran

Marsh Mallow. Swamp mallow along Florida Trail, Wakulla County

Florida Mountain LaurelFlorida Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel. Seven Runs Creek in Walton County.

Blissful PollinatorBlissful Pollinator

Blissful Pollinator. Honey bee deep inside a Seminole Pumpkin flower, Wakulla County

Speculated Pine LilySpeculated Pine Lily

Speculated Pine Lily.  Native wetland wildflower, the Pine Lily, Wakulla County.

Rose Over GoldenrodRose Over Goldenrod

Rose Over Goldenrod. Pre-dawn at Hickory Mound Wildlife Management Area, Taylor County.

Swamp Iris PortraitSwamp Iris Portrait

Swamp Aster Portrait. Silver River State Park, Marion County.


Swamp Aster In Situ. Silver River State Park, Marion County.

Wild Azaleas in DetailWild Azaleas in Detail

Wild Azaleas in Detail. Focus-stacked composite, Wakulla County.

Wild Blue IrisWild Blue Iris

Wild Blue Iris. St Marks National Wildlife Refuge, Wakulla County.

Magnolia grandifloraMagnolia grandifloraFreshly opened Magnoia grandiflora blossom

Magnolia grandiflora. Magnolias aplenty in our woods. Wakulla County.

Lady LupineLady Lupine

Lady Lupine. L Kirk Edwards State Wildlife and Environmental Area, Leon County.

Springside FoxgloveSpringside FoxgloveFalso Foxglove. Econfina Creek, FL

Springside Foxglove. False Foxglove at Emerald Spring, Bay County.

New Day DawnsNew Day DawnsThat's St. Vincent Island, FL in the distance across the Pass. Sunrise.

New Day Dawns. Railroad Vine buds. That's St. Vincent Island in the distance across Indian Pass, Gulf County.

Night BloomerNight Bloomer

Night Bloomer. Nightscape of a large water lily on the Turner River, Everglades, Collier County.

Morning GloryMorning Glory

Morning Glory.  Another showy wildflower at St Marks National Wildlife Refuge, Wakulla County.

NamasteNamasteWater lilies in golden light.

Namaste. Water lily at dawn. Wakulla County.

Japanese Magnolia ArtJapanese Magnolia Art

Japanese Magnolia. Obviously non-native, but beloved in Tallahassee. (artsy rendition.)

Indian Pinks VIndian Pinks VJackson Co. FL

Indian Pink. In all its glory at Florida Caverns State Park, Jackson County.

Wild AzaleasWild Azaleas

Wild Azalea. The short blooming season only makes wild azaleas all the more stunning in the woods. Walton County.

Pitcherful of SkyPitcherful of Sky

Pitcherful of Sky. Yellow Pitcherplants in Apalachicola National Forest, Liberty County.

Monarchs on GoldenrodMonarchs on Goldenrod

Monarchs on Goldenrod. In golden afternoon light at St Marks, preparing for migration, Wakulla County.

Iris & BokehIris & BokehThe purple flag iris in a small wetland in central FL. A saw palmetto provides the pattern in the bokeh background

Iris and Bokeh. Bokeh is the artsy background blur, (of a palmetto frond in this photo). Lake Winder, Brevard County.

Spider LiliesSpider Lilies

Spider lilies. Bespeckled in dew, these wetland beauties were growing near Sumatra in Liberty County.


This is, of course, the tiniest fraction of the diversity and species of flowers growing in our fair state, but a good reminder to "stop and smell the roses"... and all their kin. Drink in their delicate floral beauty. Spend a moment and find how busy with buzzing visitors their short lives are.  These jewels in the outdoors can be a balm to us all in these fast and furious times.  Enjoy.  And please share this link with anyone you think might enjoy it.  Thanks for visiting.


Just beautiful.
John Hardt(non-registered)
Beautiful celebration of spring!
W. George Fong(non-registered)
I love and took many photos of lotus lily and pitcher plants, but nothing like your. Yours are masterpieces.
Sue Wattenberg(non-registered)
This the first time I’ve seen your photography. How beautiful. My favorites, Lily Light and Monarchs on Goldenrod.
Daniel Shapiro(non-registered)
I have shared your exhibit around with friends and family. I hope to make it over there! -Danny
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