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October 01, 2016  •  20 Comments

Wild Florida Flyer

Many of my photos look pretty good online, but I'm looking forward to seeing 10 of them as large framed canvases in an upcoming show in West Palm Beach, FL early next month.  A show called Wild Florida will feature the work of some of Florida's finest nature photographers - Marina Scarr, Carlton Ward, Jr., Mac Stone, David Moynahan, Greg Matthews, Paul Marcellini, Chris Gilette, Raymond Gehman, as well as the outstanding pieces by contest winners as picked by judge, Clyde Butcher.  The work will be on exhibit from November 5th through December 17th in THE GALLERY at Center for Creative Education.  There will be a gala Opening Reception from 6ish to 9ish on Saturday evening November 5th for those of you in the vicinity.  (There is a $10 donation, 100% of which will go to a Florida environmental charity). Here are the pieces I'll be showing.  

Bay Scallop

Gin Clear



Lily Light

Into the Mystery

Pines in Mist

Night Patrol


St. Vincent Sunrise

Star Struck

The virtual show here is one thing... but I'm holding out for the real thing.  Maybe I'll see some of you in Palm Beach.

Please share this link.  Oh, and I greatly appreciate your comments below.  



robert byerts(non-registered)
wish I lived near Palm Beach. Great selections.
Cynthia Brown(non-registered)
Congrats David on this very special showing that will be highlighting some of your wonderful photography!
You have been given excellent vision to be able to capture these amazing creatures & scenes like Gin Clear, of course an excellent lens & camera helps, but credit mostly to the one behind the camera!
Greg Wieserman(non-registered)
Great shots.
I am inspired. Being a photographer myself gives me new ideas on future work.
If you have some free time,
Email me.
Faith Campbell(non-registered)
David, love the photos as always. Don't know how you could choose just 11 - so many gorgeous ones. I am glad you included the scallop; that was such an eye-opening & beautiful set!
I hope everyone who visits the show is appropriately impressed!
John Hardt(non-registered)
David, how do you keep on getting better??? This is great. Enjoy the show.
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